Welcome to ASNO - Asian Society for Neuro-Oncology

Multi-Disciplinary Organization Dedicated to Promoting Advances in
Neuro-Oncology Through Research and Education

Dear Colleagues, Seniors & Friends,

As ASNO’s 13th President, I am delighted to welcome everyone to the new ASNO website. It provides a vast array of information regarding the history of ASNO, past-Presidents, member countries, upcoming meetings, links to national societies along with links to other organisations including major International Neuro-oncology groups as well as patient support groups.

The aim of this website is to improve communication between individuals, communities, Nations and International Associations; through their shared interest in all matters neuro-oncology. ASNO believes our website will provide a vehicle for education, training and conversation to assist Medical, Nursing and Allied health staff as well as scientists, care coordinators and others involved in this field. Just as important, it will become a source of information and access for our patients and their careers across the Asian region.

I would like to thank Rakesh Jalali and his team for all their work in establishing the website and a special thank-you to Professor Ryo Nishikawa who many of us consider the “father” of ASNO and who has worked tirelessly to ensure the continuing and increasing success of the organization.


Professor Mark Rosenthal
13th President of
Asian Society for Neuro Oncology

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